Update from Administrator – December 18, 2020

Update from Administrator – December 18, 2020

December 18, 2020

Good Afternoon Families,

I hope all is well, there is no reason for concern per se, however, we did have one employee test positive for COVID-19. We want to ensure that all the families are notified in a timely manner as well as stay informed about what is happening in the building. This employee did not work on the nursing units or have direct contact with the residents.

We continue to test our staff weekly and follow the guidelines provided to us by DPH, CDC and our local epidemiologist. In the meantime, all family visits will be put on hold to limit the spread of the virus. We encourage all families and loved ones to schedule video calls as well as window visits and will notify everyone once in person visits can resume once again.

We have also attached a copy of the vaccination consent and declination forms to be signed and returned to us. You can also call and give verbal consent @ Lisa Shepard 978-458-8773 X 4742.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call.

Thank you, and stay safe.


Jamie Carr



COVID 19 Vaccine Responsible Party Form

COVID-19 declination form-resident_ Northwood

December 18, 2020 A Healthier Approach To Caring